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CAKE3 (Common Archiver Kit Experiment 3) is a dotNet implementation of Cake, which act as a interface between your application and the dlls, allow dotNet application to access contents of an archive, or to create new one.


Help file


Current status

List and Extract archive from all supported archives. Compress support for zip, 7z and lha archives. Sample project is not avaliable at this time, please use the message board for any questions.


    Update to dotNet

    Because of the nature of the dotNet environment, component user is no longer needed to install half dozen of components. Most commands in CakUtils2.pas is implemented in Cake3.Utils (e.g. Utils.GetFileName, Utils.SizeInK)

    Standard progress and error message

    CAKE3 have a list of progress and error messages, and it will return the message when needed. (except messages that is directly returned from the dll) The list does not support translation at this time, but it can be implemented on demand.

    Change Listing method

    When listing, an event OnItemList, is called for each file in archive. You can choose to store the filelist inside CAKE3 component, or have your own implementation. New component : ContentList, which support sorting, is used for filelist, support "for...each" syntax and array. (e.g. Archive_Content[0].fileName)

    Relative path

    Compression with relative path is fully supported (CAKE2 sometimes require the use of subst command), AddOptions.addFolder have 3 modes (relative, full, none).

    Dll version update

    The component is designed to work with latest version of the archiver dlls, e.g. sqx20.dll, Sqx version 2 engine.