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Please use our support forum if you need software or component support, thus other users with same issue can read the feedback. If you need to contact the author, please use this e-mail : .

From the Author (2008)

I would like to say thanks for those who visited my homepage. In last few years, I received lots of positive and negative feedback from users, some help from translators and help-file / graphical designers, and a few recommendations from websites and magazines, together with the knowledge I learned from designing the softwares. The development of Quick Zip and other related products will be one of my good fun memory in future when I look back.

Most freeware (not opensource) is maintained by few people, and wont last forever, these software may be produced because of some reasons (e.g. hobby), released, may get some attention, then they will faded out, no longer maintained and disappear. Many zippware disappeared in the last couple years, QuickZip is no different, it will definitely disappear some day.

Quick Zip in 2008, the 9th year since released, is quite boring year, there was almost no update at all (except a few bugfixes for qzLite3, and a bugfix for bugfix), but if you think the next paragraph is about closure of Quick Zip, sorry, not yet. As I said in the news page, I spent time to develop something else, beside obtaining my MCAD.NET cerfification, I am working on a Quick Zip based on the latest dotNet framework (WPF), I didnt announce it because I had no knowledge to WPF and have no confidence whether the product can be completed or not.

I tried to improve the interface in qzLite3, although it doesn't contain a lot of features, the interface is much better than previous version (although it may not preform as good as some other opensource / freeware archiver). However, I still receive questions in forums like "how do I extract files?". Quick Zip 5 is another attempt to simplify the interface, by making the software look just like the file explorer in Windows Vista, which allow user to open archives like a folder. (click here to see the screenshots)

Quick Zip 5 is not yet completed (actually only basic browsing part is completed), I hope a test version can be released before it's 10 yrs old. Initial version will contain only the most basic features, more functionality will be added when the software is more stable (like qzLite3).

The final product will continue to be released as freeware, I hope you will enjoy the product when it's released.

(and hope the economy will recover next year)

From the Author (2006)

Quick Zip is constantly updated for over 6 years, its a long time, especially for anything related to computer, Ive released 6 major updates for Quick Zip (1.70, 1.80, 2.00, 3.00, 4.50, 4.60), each introduce some new features like Archive Icon, Scripting, Archive Finder, Batch Zip and Multi-Extract, which was unique when it was first introduced.

Each major update of Quick Zip means a complete rewrite; usually cost around half year to complete, with so many projects I am working now, I am unable to determine when will I develop next major version, but I will continue fixing the bugs, and I will keep it free.

By writing Quick Zip and other softwares, my development skill is improving, and I can write much more complicate code, for examples, the archive handling code of Quick Zip 3 is around 3k lines, the uncompleted qzMiniHtml.net2 already contains over 9k lines.

Nowadays I use a lot of components written by myself, its very frustrating when user submit a bug report, but Im unable to fix them as Ive no knowledge of a specific third party component (or even worse, no source code). This problem still exists nowadays, especially for Archive Folder.

Stability is now my major concern when I developing softwares, instead of features. One of the problem of Quick Zip is that I simply pack too many features in it, it was because the overhead of each executable is large (around 1mb), so I pack everything in one single executable to reduce the download size (every mb increase 10 minute of download time of each 56kb modem user), but end up making it hard to debug.

I enjoy programming as much as before, so I will keep writing softwares, keep learning, and the web site will continue. Support is always welcomed, and I would like say thank you for those who offered me support, especially the translator and those who host the files for me.

Thats it for now, hope you enjoy what I coded.

From the Author (2001)

QuickZip and QuickZip Lite are solely developed by me, Joseph Leung. QuickZip was created in December of 1999. I found and downloaded a component called DelZip, which was quite interesting to me. So, I copied the demo code from DelZip and developed my QuickZip. Why QuickZip? I played too much Quake at that time. (and Quake 1... now Half-life...)

QuickZip also goes by the name QZip, for short.

The QuickZip interface, it was quite ugly at first. An Outlook bar and a listbox, then a quick launch button (1, 2, 3, 4 and V) and there after I started to learn how to use grid and version 1.80, I used listview. Many thanks to the DelZip Author, Chris Vleghert, who answered most of my questions, even if they werent't related DelZip and Team B in the Borland newsgroup.

QuickZip is freeware. I am not earning from it (add an L in front of "earn" instead), so all parts (components) that go into QuickZip are freeware, too. For example, the archive loading part of the script came from 4-5 different freeware components (including DelZip). That is why different types of archives have different interfaces. Each component uses a different way to communicate. The code I wrote on archive handling is more than 2,000 lines (as Chris said, I am re-inventing the wheel), although they took me a lot of time, QuickZip still became the second or third freeware archiver to support at least 12 different kinds of archives around Softseek, which led to this software getting more attention. I am converting these lines to component form and when it's done, I will make it avaliable for free.

I think if you tried QuickZip before 1.20, you will notice, although the time between each major release is a bit short (sometimes a month), each major update comes with a lot of new features. There's are some features that QuickZip had before other archivers out there. Such as the archive icon and hotedit. If you have any new ideas, please contact me via e-mail or post in our forums and I will definitely consider it.

I put a few hours everyday into QuickZip. Debugging and adding new features, etc. I know I may stop this project some time, but as long as I have time and I receive support (e.g. asking for help, offering help, submiting bugs, etc/), I will keep it going on.

I hope that you like it.

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