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Miscelleous CF Components

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More than half dozen of components designed for Delphi.Net Compact Framework.



QzFtpClient is a Delphi.Net component supporting List, Download and Upload (Delete and rename can be implemented easily). it uses only System namespace (No Indy) so it can be used in compact framework developement.
There is no support of ftp in dotNet framework 1.0, there are C#.Net component around but I cannot read C code well, so I wrote my own one.


Native IniFile support for dotNet


Combobox with dropdown support. Actually just a combobox with a textbox on it.


Compact framdwork does support Listbox, but it does not support OnMeasureItem and OnDrawItem, without it I cannot write my htmlListBox, so I have to write my own one.
I have to use System.Control with VScrollBar because CF do not support ScrollableControl.AutoScrollMinSize. I wrote a new eventArgs for measure/drawItem as the original one does not supported by CF as well.
The internal working is simple, when you set items (calling set_items), it call OnMeasureItem for each item, set the vScrollBar.Maximum height, then call invalidate. when OnPaint, it check and call OnDrawItem if an item need to be drawed.


A simple progress panel with a label and progress bar.


Allow you to copy text to clipboard and paste text from clipboard.


Avoid your pocket pc from suspend.


QzSqlite is a component that communicate with Sqlite3.dll.


TimeZoneUtils convert Iso time (used in rss...) from/to datetime


Used by other components.