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Quick Zip 4.60

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QuickZip features no ads, no spyware and has been a completely free archiver since 1999. It is not intended to act as a clone of another archiver. Instead, we aim to provide a cleaner and more powerful interface.

No longer supported, New uer please check qzLite3 or the new QuickZip5 instead


Open all kinds of archives

Allows you to work with 22 encode and encryption formats and 44 archive extensions. Including the popular 7z format.

Script support

Run automated backups and other operations using the powerful aks and akp scripts.

Advanced file list

Advanced file list support, including the highlighting of files that match the user defined filter. Thumbnail support to display all pictures in the archive.

Shell integration

Drag and drop files and directories from file list to explorer to extract or add. Context menu support to provide operations directly from the menu, without having to start the main program.


Allows you to add archive bookmarks which perform like your browser bookmarks. You can organize your bookmarks into folders.


Quick Zip is listed on many sites.

Lots of tools

Search in Archive - Search files in archives based on the name, directory, size and date.

Archive Finder - Allows you to extract multiple archives at the same time.

Multi Extract - User can specify filters (e.g. s>100;n=readme.txt) , only files that matched the selected filter will be shown on the filelist.

Virus Scan Support - Automatically scan for viruses every time you extract using your anti virus software or the included free Clam-AV plugin.

Mass Renamer - Simple but powerful tool that allows you to rename a group of files using masks.

Encryption - You can encrypt using Blowfish, Des, 3Dex and Aes encoding methods.

- Other tools including Repair Zip, Archive Convert, SFX and Disk Span.