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qzMiniHtml parse html/css and generate a bitmap for other controls.


Port to C#

The Delphi.Net code will be translated to C#, some code is completely rewritten because there's some delphi syntax thats not avaliable for C#/VB.Net.

More accurate text width estimation (even with CF).

GDI+ have a bad habit of adding leading and ending "spaces" when calculating text width, I have rewrite the code so instead of estimating the width, it get the exact width in both Standard Windows framework and Compact framework. TextWidth and TextHeight is combined to TextSize to reduce overhead.

Multiple ways of output

Document output is moved to a new class (DocumentOutputType), so it can support multiple ways to output the html (currently support System.Graphics only, may support printer or pdf in future)

Multiple ways of input

Document parsing is moved to a new class (CustomParaser), so it can support multiple ways to parse the html (currently support Text, Html and BBCode, may support wiki in future), CustomParaser can parse string and stream.

Reduced amount of tag types and memory usage

Tagtypes is further reduced (e.g. AnchorTag ---> FontStyleTag), most tag type no longer carry tagState (which contains all state information, e.g. font size, bold or not, indent etc), this should reduce memory usage by a lot.

WYSIWYG editor (Not completed)

The Editor is designed to be What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG), instead of editing the html syntax.

NUnit support

NUnit is implemented to test the assembly.