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QzMiniHtml is a component that parse html/css syntax and draw them on a bitmap, common syntax like bold, italic, underline, strikeout, color , fontname, links, image, bullet, indent, tables and background color are supported. Dynamic content can be assigned when runtime.



Update to .net environment

Modification required to use in .net environment, including font, generating, drawing, collections (.net does not provide TStrings).

Folder like childTag list

Reduce Tag types

By combining tags (e.g. b,u to FontStyleTag) and Combine StartTag/EndTag to one.

1 Paragraph occupy 1 Tag

One word no longer occupy one tag, (e.g. this is a test occupy 4 tags in previous version, 1 in this version, even if there are 32765 words, as long as no other tags between.)

Css styles

A sum of css styles supported now.

Downloading support

Download images from http or ftp.